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Observing Reactions in the Tube

Mechanism upon mechanism,

each piece to the next humming its command,

in the service of splicing a schism

will from the real artist earn reprimand.

Ignore, for now, your palette of pigments,

shape first the work with the penknife you wield.

Claim great fragments to mix with great figments —

to the razor make your medium yield!


Begin all this with your vision still young,

sight that can unbraid whole into spectrum

and leaving heart in its place, near the lung,

keep only the parts that add to fresh sum.

The work, alone, is the one must travel,

your odd avatar damping time’s gavel.

Journal Draft #1
Draft 1 Edits
Version 2 Edits
Version 3 Edits
Toward a Train That Isn't Leaving
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