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Permanence Rents An Apartment


There was once a thought (to be unneighbored)

which permeated all through Permanence.

To own a home, hammer walls unpapered,

and, when retired, hide money in the vents.

She couldn’t find, though, enough to put down,

and couldn’t make the payments, most likely,

so settled for a new lease here in town

and rearranged the couches just rightly.

Her children lived there, in that little flat,

and pounded out ideas by the dozens

with pen and paintbrush, with beaker and vat,

dramatizing the homes of their cousins.

Permanence stalks through Temporary’s gate,

weaves lion from line, and then licks the bait.

First Draft
Second Draft (Same Day)
All Evening...
Arcade Water
Blurred Boulevard
Temporary's Gate

This poem is featured on the Vers Magnifique page of Cosmoetica. Link here.

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