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Plainclothes Reliquary


Is this one worthy of collection?

Does the collection merit its required piety?

Matter and non-matter — all at once —

to anyone other than you

what transpired on that continuous plain.


Contiguous strikes, many chimes

with a semi-sharp pike

blunted from faithful work

at a nub of fossil-

puncturing time beneath skies gradually bruising,

every day, your metacarpals.


The simplicity with which

you can be, have been, will be replicated

occurs. And the bones gather,

immediate with anger of movement, of all age.

And the bones gather within your pools.

And the bones are yours,

and you possess them

as much as anything.

First Draft and Heavy Edits
Near Final (Journal Version)
Field Fade
String Mimics Hills
The Continuous Plain
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