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Vercengetorix on the Verge


I. - Gergovia

Spinning skulls among flowers,

Gauls defending

deeds with plural - “We!”


II. - Rome

Limp bulbs in a tower

bulky and bending,

needs met too thoroughly.


III. - Alesia

Simply cull pride and cower,

sulk in the rending

weeds below enduring trees.


IV. - Tullianum

Nimble gulls duck showers,

lull toward ending

creeds that burrowed in sleep.


V. - Auvergne

No simian power greater than fission.

No mending of a strangled vision.

Like you, furrowed dreams in the quick-prison.

First Draft with Heavy Edits
Second Draft
Final Draft (Journal Version)
Weeds and Wires
Furrowed Dreams
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